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Macro Photography

Close up macro photography can be a really exciting thing to try! The classic subject for macro shots is flowers or insects… but you don’t have to stop there. Try these fun ideas!

First up, the basics
Photo by Alias 0591
Photographing flowers or insects is a good place to start. Have a look and see if you have a local butterfly farm. During the summer they are absolutely packed with butterflies and you can get some amazing shots.

Photo by Quinn Dombrowski
Fruit has loads of details that look interesting when photographed close up. The skin of this strawberry is filled with little seeds. Try slicing fruits such as kiwis or oranges and looking at the detail inside.

Photo by sarahxic
Eyes are beautiful in close up! There is so much variation in the colour of the iris.

Things from nature
Photo by cullerpictures
Pine cones, wood, leaves, trees, even mud… all of these can look amazing in close up photos.

Photo by garreyf
This shot is actually paper photographed very close up! What other household items have interesting textures? Time to experiment…

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