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How to photograph children

If you are a parent, you probably want to know how to take great pictures of your kids! Here are some tips!

Get down to their level.
Get on their level
Photo by James Jordan
You need to try kneeling or even laying on the floor to photograph toddlers. You can maybe get a few cute perspective shots by photographing them from above but, in general, the best shots happen at eye level.

Think about location!
At the Zoo
Photo by followtheseinstructions
Try shooting at home… but also take the kids to the zoo, photograph them engaging with animals. Take them to the park and photograph your kids on the swings. How about at the beach? Or in a field?

Look for details.
Photo by Pranav
This is an especially good tip for photographing babies. Look at the details like fingers and toes. Photograph close ups of their hair. Those details will fill you with memories in years to come.

Get natural laughs
Natural Laugh
Photo by tommywong
Kids are taught from a young age to put on their “photo smile” when a camera is near. You want to break this mould.¬†One way to do this is ask them to pull a silly face, take a couple of shots of the silly face, while you laugh at it (and maybe pull a face right back!). Then, when they inevitably burst into giggles… you photograph the images you really wanted all along.