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AquaPix W1024-P Waterproof Camera – Pink (10MP) 2.4 inch TFT LCD

AquaPix W1024-P Waterproof Camera

AquaPix W1024-P Waterproof Camera

This is a sturdy little camera which will survive up to 3 metres depth in water. Ideal for pool photography, great for the beach too. You don’t have to worry about splash damage!

The image resolution is a little lower than some other cameras but, at 10 megapixels, it’s still plenty for printing pictures quite large. Also this camera is cheaper than some other underwater models on the market. If budget is tight but you still want an excellent product then this camera is for you.

There is a choice of colours between yellow and pink. The bright colours mean that if you drop the camera in the sea or swimming pool, it will be easier to find.

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