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5 photography tips for beginners

1. Composition.

Learn to frame things well. Try moving the camera just a small amount and see how that affects your image. Learn the rule of thirds and use it, then is second nature, try breaking it.

2. Controlling Light

Experiment with the light. Grab a light (even a desk lamp will do) and an object like a plant. Then try moving the desk lamp around the plant and see how the light changes. Try framing shots with the light in different places. You’ll get a feel for how light works with this hands on game.

3. f/8 and be there.

This is a famous saying in news or war photography. Basically it means that if you set your aperture to f/8 (around the middle for most lenses) then your shots will usually come out as long as you are in the right place at the right time. Carry your camera with you as often as you can. The best camera is the one you have with you.

4. Timing

Ask a friend to model for you for a short time and get them to jump in the air (or off a low wall) while you try and capture them in the air. Don’t count down, try and learn when is the best time to press the shutter. You can also practice this at a place like a race track or bike park, anywhere there are fast moving objects.

5. Spotting light.
Start noticing the natural light around you. Be aware of the sun shining through the trees, notice when the light in a room is particularly beautiful or striking, pay attention to interesting or notable lighting. You’ll realise that often the most beautiful light happens in the early morning or late afternoon. Whenever you spot some light, photograph it.