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The best compact camera right now

Here’s a few of the best compact digital cameras on the market now. Grab one of these cameras, take it on holiday, take it to the park, take it to your kid’s birthday. These are versatile cameras, ready for all kinds of situations and small and light enough to carry everywhere. Sony Cyber-shot HX60V The detail from this camera is excellent, you will get sharper details from the Sony G 30x Optimal Zoom lens. It has super fast image processing and a huge 20megapixel sensor. You can connect to WiFi and NFC to share your pictures easily and use apps to enhance your photos and the experience. In your hand, the camera is nice and solid, with a functional design and the buttons are easy to use. The zoom lens is huge when extended, to give that 30x optical...

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What is the difference between digital and optical zoom?

Optical zoom is a “true” ¬†zoom, like you would get on a film camera. It means that the lens extends and the optics within the camera zoom in on the scene. Digital zoom is a “crop” zoom. The camera enlarges the center of the frame and clips away the edges. You could get the same result by cropping the image on your computer and enlarging it. So what are the pros and cons of each? Optical Zoom Pros Image quality is maintained even when zoomed in Zooming in changes the perspective of the image Cons More expensive Adds weight to the camera Digital Zoom Pros Cheap Adds no weight or bulk to camera Cons Reduces image quality by literally cropping away some of your megapixel rating Could just as easily be done on a computer later if needed Artificial...

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