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The best compact camera right now

Here’s a few of the best compact digital cameras on the market now. Grab one of these cameras, take it on holiday, take it to the park, take it to your kid’s birthday. These are versatile cameras, ready for all kinds of situations and small and light enough to carry everywhere. Sony Cyber-shot HX60V The detail from this camera is excellent, you will get sharper details from the Sony G 30x Optimal Zoom lens. It has super fast image processing and a huge 20megapixel sensor. You can connect to WiFi and NFC to share your pictures easily and use apps to enhance your photos and the experience. In your hand, the camera is nice and solid, with a functional design and the buttons are easy to use. The zoom lens is huge when extended, to give that 30x optical...

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Samsung WB250F Smart Camera 2.0 with Built-In Wi-Fi Connectivity Cobalt Black (Dark Blue) (14MP CMOS, 18x Optical Zoom) 3.0 inch HVGA Touch Screen

This camera features a 14 megapixel sensor which has back-illuminated CMOS technology. This allows more light to be captures and means your photos taken in low light will look better and less noisy. The 18x optical zoom lens is an incredible feature on a camera this size, meaning you can zoom in with great reach. You can use the camera in auto mode or you can fully control your aperture, shutter speed and ISO. The camera performs well in auto mode and of course it’s always quite fiddly to adjust aperture etc on a compact camera, but its nice to have that feature in case you need it. With WiFi connectivity and autoshare, your photographs can be shared as soon as you connect to a WiFi network. And automatic cloud upload means you would never lose your precious shots....

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Kodak EasyShare C195 Digital Camera – Silver (14 MP,5x Optical Zoom 3.0 inch LCD)

With 14 megapixels and 5x optical zoom, the image quality on this camera is great for the price. It also comes with some great features within the Kodak Smart Capture technology brand. It does things like intelligent scene recognition to identify which camera settings to use. It also intelligently post processes the image by reducing noise, and clearing up dark shadows, for vibrant true to life colours. With one-button upload to email, Kodak Gallery, Youtube™, Facebook and Flickr, it’s really easy to share your photos once you connect to a computer. You can tag your photos with the people in them, and face recognition will help you find the photographs in the future. Conclusion For the price, you absolutely cannot go wrong, this camera is amazing value for money. Find out more >>...

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